Observing Lent 2024 on Campus

The Rover’s comprehensive guide to all things Catholic this Lent

The Sacred and the Profane

Reflections on the Notre Dame dorm Mass experience

Notre Dame’s Opening Mass

Challenges and Gifts for the Community

The weight of a mass

Community is a strong value at Notre Dame, but what is its role in the Mass?

Communion Before Communion

Reflections on the Sign of Peace

The Summit, Flattened

Matthew Gambetta reflects on the state of the Liturgy and how to recover its sense of sacredness

Getting Good Reception

Tuning in to ancient and modern debates on the modes of receiving Communion

People Look East: Ad Orientem Liturgy

History, symbolism behind direction of worship

Free Read of the Week 11/30

Our Free Read this week is The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn.  In this reflection of the Mass, Hahn draws upon the Book of…

The Eucharist As Institutional Witness  

John VanBerkum reflects on Notre Dame’s witness as the Body of Christ