Notre Dame Law School

John Finnis at Notre Dame through the Eyes of a Frequent Visitor

[Editor’s note: Finnis was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire by King Charles III in January.] As…

Justice Barrett Returns to Notre Dame

Newest justice lectures on federal equity power, speaks about life as member of Court

Irish Rover Welcomes Sherif Girgis to Notre Dame

Girgis praises ND; describes his work in legal philosophy

Senate Hearings Begin for Amy Coney Barrett

Notre Dame reacts to alumna and professor’s nomination to the highest Court

Notre Dame Announces Religious Liberty Initiative

New clinic seeks to protect religious freedom, promote student engagement

Statesman-Saint Watches Over Law School

Worship and Community at the St. Thomas More Chapel

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. ‘14, discusses Title VII cases

Does “sex” include sexual orientation and gender identity?

Notre Dame Law Library - Image Taken by Michael Fernandes
Charlie Rice—An Un-eulogy

Notre Dame Professor Alfred Freddoso reflects on the life of Professor Charlie Rice

Saintly Advice

Chris Godfrey reflects on Professor Charlie Rice

Requiescat In Pace

Conor B. Dugan reflects on Professor Charlie Rice