21st Century Activism and the Meaning of “Pro-Woman”

Campus Editor Kate Hardiman discusses what it means to be “Pro-Woman” in today’s society

Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life?

Reba Luffy examines the use of the terms “anti-abortion” and “pro-life” to describe March for Life marchers

Trump Defunds Pro-Abortion NGOs

Trump reinstates Mexico City Policy, ending government funding of NGOs that promote or provide abortion overseas

A Pro-Life Vision of the World

Panelists discuss application of pro-life world view to current issues

ND Marches for Life on Campus

In place of cancelled trip to D.C., the Notre Dame Right to Life Club led a March for Life right at home

A Grave and Complex Crisis

Lilia Draime reflects on the recent Planned Parenthood videos in light of our Christian call to love

Time for Christians to Abandon “Progressivism”

Professor Laura Hollis opines on Christian progressivism and the pro-life movement

Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor urging the ND community to embrace the abolition of the death penalty