TIm Bradley

On Discipleship, Property, and the Sermon On the Mount

How Aquinas helps us understand private property and the common good

A Person’s a Person

Inconsistent Treatment of the Unborn in the Law

Tolkien and the Catholic Imagination

Tim Bradley discusses the Catholic roots of J. R. R. Tolkien’s hobbit heroes

Thanks for the Memories

Tim Bradley’s last editorial as Editor-in-Chief

Bishop Condemns Giving Biden the Laetare Medal

In controversial decision, Notre Dame honors Biden, Boehner with award for outstanding service to the Church

We’re Bringing Dating Back

The Rover interviews Professor David O’Connor after second annual Saint Valentine’s Day poster campaign

Far Too Easily Pleased

Tim Bradley comments on the USCCB’s statement on pornography in light of culture and Notre Dame

Cheers and Jeers

Tim Bradley offers his latest Cheers and Jeers

Making Faith Matter   

Tim Bradley reflects on the importance of personal vocation and humility

Saint of Suspicion and the Meaning of Life  

John Cavadini reflects on Saint Augustine and the meaning of life