We’re Bringing Dating Back

The Rover interviews Professor David O’Connor after second annual Saint Valentine’s Day poster campaign

Campus Vocations: A Dominican Visits Notre Dame

Father Dominic Legge, OP, shares his vocation story and advice for college students on discerning personal vocation

Campus Vocations: A Professor and a Priest

Father Thomas Blantz, CSC, shares his vocational story and advice about discernment

Campus Vocations: Education Oriented to Christ

Professor John Betz shares his thoughts on vocation and Notre Dame

Exploring a Religious Vocation

Two vocational discernment events soon to take place on campus

Campus Vocations: “It Can’t Be About You”

Senior Alex White provides student perspective on the art of practicing vocational discernment

Campus Vocations: Serving Students

Lay rector discusses his vocational journey

Campus Vocations: Monsignor Michael Heintz   

The Rover interviews theology professor to discuss his vocational journey and the process of discernment

“Two Priests And A Nun” Discuss Religious Life

Thesing, Jenkins, and DeLee talk poverty, chastity, and obedience at Legends

Why Not You?

Christina Serena discusses her vocation.