Who’s Who

Who’s Who: Cedar Grove Cemetery

An inside look into the operations, staff, and mission of the university’s cemetery

Who’s Who: Tony Polotto

Meet the Senior Director of Notre Dame’s construction

Who’s Who: The Notre Dame Céilí Band

Musicians and dancers bring Irish music to the campus community and beyond

Who’s Who: The Morris Inn Twins, Shelly and Kelly

Sisters offer a warm welcome to all who come to campus

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Fr. Henry Stephan, O.P.

Priest and graduate student shares about study and vocation

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Ushers Larry and Vicky

A conversation with two football stadium ushers

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Clarice Ramirez

Lewis Hall’s rector shares passion for higher education

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Father Peter Rocca, CSC

From the mountain ranges of Catalonia to the plains of Notre Dame

Who’s Who: Pete Hlabse

This edition’s who’s who feature: Pete Hlabse.

Who’s Who: Meg Mirshak

Tierney Vrdolyak interviews Meg Mirshak at the McGrath Institute for Church Life