Though only just returning from their first winter break, many Notre Dame freshmen have started to realize that ND is actually a pretty awesome place. Upperclassmen are increasingly extremely annoyed as they constantly bump into returning freshman, who have taken to stopping in the middle of walkways to stare at the Dome in awe.

Rover reporters interviewed several freshmen to get the scoop on this surprising phenomenon. “Its just like, Notre Dame is awesome,” says Suzy Slippers. “I mean, the golden dome? How cool is that! And the statue of Mary? So tight!”

It appears that many freshmen are just starting to come to grips with how much they enjoy attending Notre Dame. Fred Fluffy attests to this fact, stating, “When I first decided to go to school here, I thought all the hype about ND was kind of exaggerated. But, I mean come on! Superb sports games and unlimited dining hall food? What magical place is this?”

Many students seem to bemoan their inability to find fault with any aspect of their school. Freshman James Juice remarked sadly, “It’s just not fair. All of my friends at other colleges have so much to complain about. Yet I can’t find a single thing wrong here. I hate feeling left out.” Juice was last seen walking dejectedly around the beautiful vista of St. Mary’s Lake, accompanied by a score of friends and intellectual equals.

While pleased that so many freshmen have finally “figured it out,” many upperclassmen are starting to feel that it’s being a little overdone. “I’m a bit over seeing that wide-eyed look of amazement on so many young faces,” says Senior John Johnson. “Yes, Notre Dame is an island of peace in the midst of a sea of chaos. Yes, Notre Dame is a beacon of strong Catholic identities and values. But can’t freshman just calm down? The rest of us have chemistry finals—we can’t all be admiring the stunning architecture all the time.”

Freshmen, however, seem to be undeterred in their newly-revived school spirit. When not having spontaneous snowball fights or going to dances with their friends, these students just seem to be loving life. “I think it is a lesson for us all,” say Lucy Licket. “Sometimes you just have to sit back and smell the roses. All us freshman have finally realized that Notre Dame is just a pretty awesome place.”

Declan Feeley is a freshman theology and finance double major whose interests include writing and investment theory. Declan can be contacted by email at