James Whitaker, Graduate Student

Humor Editor

James Whitaker is a second-year graduate student in the MTS studying History of Christianity. Despite his best efforts, he found that he was too undisciplined to write anything more serious than humor. If you would like a glib but informed answer to a question about Greek ascetics, Latin Scholastics, or Catholic apologetics, you can email him at jwhitak5@nd.edu.

Bat in the Basilica

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Another Manifesto on Language

“Men must be governed” – Captain Jack Aubrey


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“My brother birds, you should greatly praise your Creator and love Him always.” – St. Francis of Assisi On previous…

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“Let the little children come to me”

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Unmistakably Catholic Architecture

“Et vidit Deus quod esset bonum” – (“And God saw that it was good”)