Fall 2024 Course Recommendations

The following courses are recommended on the basis of the professor’s demonstrated commitment to Catholic education and/or the positive experiences of the Rover staff. This is by no means a complete list of every excellent class offered in the upcoming fall semester, but we hope that this will provide readers with a starting point as they prepare to register for classes.

College of Arts and Letters


  • Beginning Latin II, Elizabeth Mazurek (CLLA 10002)
  • Intermediate Latin, Elizabeth Mazurek (CLLA 20003)
  • Ancient Virtue, Tadeusz Mazurek (CLLA 20400) 
  • Sex and Gender in Greco-Roman Antiquity, Elizabeth Mazurek (CLAS 30315)
  • Greek Literature in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, Aldo Tagliabue (CLGR 40520)
  • From Ennius to Egeria: The History of Latin, Brian Krostenko (CLLA 40056)

Constitutional Studies 

  • Constitutional Law: Powers and Institutions, Christina Bambrick (CNST 30407)
  • Overcriminalization in America, Amul Thapar (CNST 30440)
  • Civil Liberties, Deborah O’Malley (CNST 40001) 
  • Constitutionalism, Law, and Politics II: American Constitutionalism, Vincent Phillip Muñoz (CNST 50002)


  • Monetary Theory and Policy, Eric Sims (ECON 40364)


  • Pride Before the Fall: Seventeenth-Century French Theater, Fr. Greg Haake (ROFR 40310)


  • The Priest and the Nun in American Life, Fr. Stephen Koeth (HIST 30638)


  • Introduction to Philosophy, David Cory (PHIL 10101)
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, David Cory (PHIL 30301)
  • Aristotle, Sean Kelsey (PHIL 43102)
  • Aquinas on the Soul, John O’Callaghan (PHIL 43142)
  • Aesthetics, Nicholas Teh (PHIL 43312)

Political Science 

  • Education Law and Policy, John Schoenig (POLS 30154)

Program of Liberal Studies 

  • Literature I: The Lyric Poem, Matthew Rickard (PLS 20201)
  • Philosophical Inquiry, Felicitas Munzel (PLS 20301)
  • Great Books Seminar III, Tom Stapleford (PLS 33101)


  • Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical, Fr. Kevin Grove (THEO 10001)
  • Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical, Anthony Pagliarini (THEO 10001)
  • Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical, Katie Cavadini (THEO 10001)
  • Foundations of Theology: Biblical and Historical, Jay Martin (THEO 10002)
  • Catholicism and Tradition, Jenny Martin and Tom Stapleford (THEO 30802)
  • Catholicism and the Sexes, Abigail Favale (THEO 30821)
  • Synoptic Gospels: Luke, Nathan Eubank (THEO 40137)
  • Greek Exegesis of 1 Corinthians, Nathan Eubank (THEO 40196)
  • The Christian Theological Tradition I, John Cavadini (THEO 40201)
  • The Christian Theological Tradition I, Katie Cavadini (THEO 40201)
  • The Song of Songs in Jewish and Christian Exegesis of the Song of Songs, Sr. Ann Astell and Jeremy Brown (THEO 40218)
  • Major Roman Catholic Thinkers: John Henry Newman, Cyril O’Regan (THEO 40808)

Mendoza College of Business 

  • Honors Theological Ethics and Honorable Business, Mary Hirschfeld (BES 20702)
  • Honors Theological Ethics and Honorable Business, John Sikorski (BES 20702)
  • Business and the Common Good, Mary Hirschfeld (BES 30310)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Laura Hollis (MGTO 30500)
  • Business Law Concepts, Laura Hollis (BALW 30100)
  • Why Business?, James Otteson (BES 30795)
  • Economic Sins, James Otteson (BES 43100)
  • Corporate Governance and Catholic Social Teaching, Martijn Cremers, Craig Iffland, Tess Tullman (FIN 40470)

College of Engineering 

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

  • Introduction to Design Thinking in Engineering, Mike Seelinger (AME 20210)
  • Mechanics I, David Richter (AME 20221)


  • Engineering and the Human Vocation, David Richter (EG 20560)
  • Integrated Engineering and Business Fundamentals, Mike Kitz (EG 40421)

College of Science 


  • Principles of Calculus, Kathryn Mulholland (MATH 10150)
  • Calculus I, Kathryn Mulholland (MATH 10550)


  • Science, Theology, and Creation, Fr. Terry Ehrman (STV 20888)
  • Aquatic Ecology, Fr. Terry Ehrman (BIOS 30420)

University Seminar 

  • USEM Literature: Encountering the Divine in Greek, Roman and Biblical Stories, Aldo Tagliabue (CLAS 13186)
  • USEM Literature: How (and Why) to Read Greco-Roman Classics (CLAS 13186)
  • USEM Catholicism and the Disciplines: Old Money and New Money, Dale Parker and Craig Iffland (BES 13188)
  • USEM, Theology, Sr. Ann Astell (THEO 13183)
  • USEM, Theology, Ulrich Lehner (THEO 13183)

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