Alumni Column

Why We Can’t Talk about Abortion

It’s easier to defend “women’s health care” than a right to kill Since I graduated from Notre Dame, I’ve spent…

Life Lessons

An Argument for Intergenerational Living

Rooted in Joy: Reflections from a newlywed in New York City

Finding someone on my team made every change in life an adventure

No News is Good News

Finding truth in a crowded world

Welcome the Falling Leaves

Sarah Ortiz, ND ’19 and former editor-in-chief, analyzes the poem “Leaves” by Sara Teasdale.

Spiritual Fatherhood of Vocations

Following St. Joseph through discernment

Are You Listening?

Finding Silence Amidst Modern Noise

On Discipleship, Property, and the Sermon On the Mount

How Aquinas helps us understand private property and the common good

Nemo Dat

Serving God when you have little to give