Right to Life

Notre Dame RTL Fosters Culture of Life

Notre Dame Right to Life President Rachel Drumm expounds on the mission of the club.

Successful Women: A Post-grad Pro-life Reflection

Samantha Stempky reflects on being pro-life after graduating from Notre Dame in 2013.

Right To Life: Graduate Student Life And Family Life

The university should increase its support for graduate students in order to encourage family life.

And We Danced All Night To The Best Song Ever

While fighting the terrifying issue of abortion is an important part of being pro-life, the movement espouses a much broader message: to honor the simple beauty and importance of all human life as a gift from God.

The Power of Prayer

As part of the Irish Rover’s continuing Right to Life column, this issue’s focus is the Spirituality Commission of Notre Dame Right to Life.

Right to Life: Project Mom

Jana Zuniga reports on Project Mom, a Right to Life initiative that plans, hosts and sponsors baby showers for local mothers with high risk pregnancies.

March For Life: Be A Witness

Andrew Lynch discusses the trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life.

Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Angela Bermudez discusses a panel to inform pregnant women, fathers-to-be and student parents on campus of the many resources available to them at Notre Dame. The university offers an abundance of resources for those facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Pro-Life as a Call to Loving Action

Through my work with Notre Dame Right to Life and in my home community, I have come to understand that the term “pro-life” is more than just an adjective; it is a way of life. In descriptive terms, we believe that all life, from the newly conceived child in the womb to the elderly grandparent in the wing of the hospital, should be protected and cherished. This belief constitutes the entirety of the pro-life movement. We are called to more than mere belief, however; we are called to action.