The Violence of Silence

Standing up for the truth is a rare phenomenon.

Notre Dame Says ‘No’ to Shapiro, ‘Yes’ to Sex Worker

University sponsors events contrary to Catholic teaching

Perceptions and Realities at Notre Dame

Fr. Bill writes on Notre Dame’s Image as University

The Limitations of Academic Freedom

Editor-in-chief W. Joseph DeReuil discusses what should and shouldn’t be permitted at a Catholic university

The Art of Flirtation

5 ways to indicate interest without being aggressive.

What it Means to Be ND

Managing Editor Nico Schmitz writes on the University’s New Ad and what it conveys about her mission

Catholic Pharisaism

Executive Editor Josh Gilchrist writes on hypocrisy in religion

Letter From The Editor

Editor-in-chief W. Joseph DeReuil greets the incoming class of ’26

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

Mary Frances Myler – Editor in Chief Prior to her involvement with the Rover, Mary Frances wrote and irregularly published…

Confession of a Rover Agnostic

Dear readers, it was worse than agnosticism. I was more than skeptical about the Irish Rover’s future. I was a…