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Not Just for Nerds

Evan Holguin discusses tabletop role-playing games and community

Individualism in the University

The importance of collaboration with our peers & technology’s impact

Doorway To The Palace

Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ortiz ponders Interior Castle and her recent trip to Rome

The Heart of the Rover

In her last editorial as editor-in-chief, Sophia Buono reflects upon Notre Dame’s Catholic mission and the ‘s goal of promoting such a mission.

The Little Way of Confidence

Nicole O’Leary discusses Marian consecration, often described as “quickest, easiest, and surest way” to holiness

Perfectionism: The Enemy of the Good

Sarah Ortiz explores how time can be well spent even when the final product is not perfect

Apple Cider, Salvation, and the Family

Nicole O’Leary highlights the inherent value of authentic family life

Pro-Woman, Pro-What?

Sophia Buono argues that being pro-women includes defending freedom, respect, and dignity for mothers alongside their children

The Search for True Dialogue

Sophia Buono reflects upon the important of dialogue in the pursuit of truth

Saying Yes to Self-giving Love

Stephanie Reuter reflects upon a recent on-campus lecture and Catholic teaching about self-giving love