Confession of a Rover Agnostic

Dear readers, it was worse than agnosticism. I was more than skeptical about the Irish Rover’s future. I was a…

Forget Your Enemies

A reflection on the difficult work of hope

NOVO Like a Champion Today

Fall 2022 course recommendations from the Rover

“Everybody Lies”

A decade ago, the lead character in the self-titled medical drama House regularly dispatched the buzz phrase “Everybody lies,” either…

Against Academic Freedom

My colleague and friend Professor Dan Philpott has written a lengthy essay in these pages defending academic freedom within the…

Understanding Secular Education at Notre Dame

The contradiction of Notre Dame’s secular classroom and “Catholic neighborhood”

“I Wouldn’t Send My Kids to Notre Dame”

Pessimism and the passive forfeiture of Notre Dame’s Catholic identity

Privileges of Living on the Frontiers of Knowledge

An introduction to theology and philosophy at Notre Dame

Notre Dame, China, and Standing Up for Human Rights

Notre Dame has had an ambivalent relationship with the People’s Republic of China. Not so long ago, some naïve university…