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The Catholic Ideal and Action: A United Mission

Sophia Buono discusses the challenge of integrating Notre Dame’s Catholic mission into all aspects of Notre Dame.

Truth and Substance

Kate Hardiman examines the the presidential debate’s lack of truth and substance

To Lack and to Abound: Embracing Poverty in the Palace

Nicole O’Leary explores spiritual poverty

Becoming Rooted at Notre Dame

Stephanie Reuter explores the role of charity in grounding student life

Little Things

Sophia Buono contemplates how everyday life can make a big difference in college and beyond

Silent Conversation

Sophia Buono reflects on the value of silence and prayer as she enters her new role in the Rover.

Thanks for the Memories

Tim Bradley’s last editorial as Editor-in-Chief

Never Abandon Our Lady

Alexandra DeSanctis reflects on her time at Notre Dame and the intrinsic Catholic nature of the University.

Visit the Life Center

The Irish Rover wrote a beautiful article about the work of Holy Family Catholic Adoption Agency, informing the community that…

Rethinking Success

How working on the Irish Rover has made Hailey Vrdolyak understand the meaning of success