election 2016

Trump’s Election and the Future

Columnists give insight into Trump’s victory

Questioning the Future of Liberalism

Panel discusses how Trump has affected the liberal movement

Comments On Trump’s Victory

The Rover editors have posed the question: ‘to what extent was Donald Trump’s victory a win for the conservative movement?”…

An Opportunity For Humility

The election of Donald Trump can be seen not so much as an endorsement of Trump himself as it is…

Trump And The Conservative Movement

I do not know anymore (if I ever did) what the “conservative movement” is. Is free trade or protectionism “conservative”?…

Victory Is Not Vindication

The Republican Establishment may think that Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the Presidential election somehow vindicates them. To be fair,…

Hillary Should Have a “Catholic Problem”

Faculty Advisor Professor Laura Hollis examines the Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the Catholic Church

Election 2016 and Immigration in the U.S.

Latest Pizza, Pop, & Politics event discusses the importance of immigration as a focus issue in the 2016 presidential election

Point-Counterpoint: Can Catholics Support Trump?

Charlie Ducey and Redmond Tuttle debate whether or not Catholics can—and should—vote for Donald Trump.

Father Jenkins Talks Faith and Politics

University president speaks at ND Votes’ Pizza, Pop, and Politics event