Gerard V. Bradley

Truth: RIP?

Professor Gerald Bradley discusses the “death” of truth

Trump And The Conservative Movement

I do not know anymore (if I ever did) what the “conservative movement” is. Is free trade or protectionism “conservative”?…

New Challenges to Religious Liberty

Editor’s Note: The following essay is an excerpt adapted from the annual William E. and Carol G. Simon Lecture on…

Letter to the Editor: A Question of Academic Freedom

Gerard Bradley comments on Fr. Miscamble’s involvement with NDCatholic

Loving The Truth

Faculty advisor Gerard V. Bradley explores the ways in which we defend the truth by our witness.

Common Concern for the Common Core

Look at today’s newspapers and you will see that Americans are poised to fundamentally reform two huge sectors of our lives. The headlines on page one will tell you about the healthcare sector. Our government is even “closed” due to the fight over implementing “Obamacare.” That’s one. Look at one of the inside pages and you will likely read about the other wholesale reform, the one of K-12 education. This reform is more important than the healthcare changeover, even though it is less prominently reported.

The paradox of persons forty years after Roe

Gerard V. Bradley, Faculty Contributor Abortion is the great civil rights issue of our time because it raises—uniquely and compellingly—the…