HHS mandate

Center for Ethics and Culture Announces Annual Medal

Little Sisters of the Poor to receive 2016 Evangelium Vitae Medal

Constitution Day Lecture Addresses Contraceptive Mandate

Notre Dame professor discussed HHS mandate and future of religious freedom

Notre Dame and the HHS Mandate

Tim Bradley gives an update on the status of Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services.

An Open Letter to Rev. John Jenkins

Dr. John Lyon wrote a letter to several officials regarding several issues faced in today’s society—abortion, family structure and the HHS mandate.

Challenging Compliance

Notre Dame refiles petition for a rehearing in lawsuit against the HHS mandate.

After The Mandate

Panel discusses the ongoing effects of the HHS mandate.

The Cost Of “Free” Contraception

Students discussed the HHS mandate and the effects of the Sexual Revolution at a Right to Life seminar.

Compliance Questions

Chris Damian discusses Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the federal government’s HHS mandate.