Irish Rover

Welcome to Our Lady’s University

Editor-in-chief Nicholas Schmitz greets the incoming class of ’27

Catholic Pharisaism

Executive Editor Josh Gilchrist writes on hypocrisy in religion

Letter From The Editor

Editor-in-chief W. Joseph DeReuil greets the incoming class of ’26

Rooney Center Launches January 6th, 2025, Project

Notre Dame center funds project to prevent insurrection

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

Mary Frances Myler – Editor in Chief Prior to her involvement with the Rover, Mary Frances wrote and irregularly published…

Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Government hosts abortion debate

Rover alumna and CNN reporter argue over abortion, women’s rights

Notre Dame Right to Life Hosts Humanae Vitae Lecture on Contraception and Gender

Dr. Abigail Favale, PhD connects contraceptive mentality to modern gender theory

The Virtue of Smoking: Rethinking Our Culture’s Lone Mortal Sin

Smoking, like any other virtue, is a mean between extremes. On the excessive side of this modern virtue lies addiction;…

Alumni Association Affinity Group Awards LGBT Activists, Allies

Newest alumni affinity group celebrates Notre Dame’s LGBT community