Laetare Medal

Laetare Medal Awarded to Advocate of Immigrants

Sister Norma Pimental, MJ honored for her ministry

Students React to Laetare Medal Decision

Debate over consistency with university’s Catholic identity

Objections to the Laetare Medal decision

Notre Dame students object to honoring of Joe Biden with this year’s Laetare Medal

Witnesses to Truth, at Notre Dame and Beyond

John VanBerkum reminds us that we must ask ourselves how we are witnessing to our Catholic faith

Bishop Condemns Giving Biden the Laetare Medal

In controversial decision, Notre Dame honors Biden, Boehner with award for outstanding service to the Church

Never Abandon Our Lady

Alexandra DeSanctis reflects on her time at Notre Dame and the intrinsic Catholic nature of the University.

Rejoice In The Power Of Truth

Notre Dame announces recipient of the 2014 Laetare Medal