Wrapping Paper

John VanBerkum gives a thoughtful and insightful reflection on living a virtuous life and its analogous relationship to wrapping paper.

Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Angela Bermudez discusses a panel to inform pregnant women, fathers-to-be and student parents on campus of the many resources available to them at Notre Dame. The university offers an abundance of resources for those facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Evangelium Vitae Medal Awarded to Chris and Marie Smith

Domenic Canonico reports on the recipient reception of the Evangelium Vitae award by Chris and Marie Smith. The award is given by the Center for Ethics and Culture to honor those who protect the sanctity of human life.

SYR’s: The Students’ Opinion

Grace Urankar gets students’ opinions on SYR’s. Some of the more interesting SYR traditions include Knott Hall’s Americana Dance which is held at the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, IN and Dillon Hall’s Stache Bash.