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Resolving “Gender Issues” at Notre Dame

The recent student body election has brought the issue — or maybe more aptly, the non-issue — of “gender relations” to the forefront on the campus of Notre Dame, but is this really the issue?

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Why This Is a Better Year

Rich Hidy explains why this year’s women’s basketball team is better than last year’s, despite losing some key players.

Gary Gutting Should Rethink Abortion

Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting, not Pope Francis, should rethink abortion.

The Truth About Gossip

What role does gossip play in the lives of Notre Dame students?

Ben Bernanke: Zero or Hero?

Notre Dame economists weigh in on the successes and failures of Ben Bernanke and how the former Federal Reserve Chairman will be remembered.

Ten Reasons Why I Loved This Year’s Edith Stein Project

The ninth annual Edith Stein Project was a resounding success. Here are ten reasons why.

Professors Discuss Increasing Importance of Latino Vote

“American Politics in the 21st Century: The Latino Vote and the 2014 Elections”, a recent discussion as part of the Building Bridges lecture series at Notre Dame analyzed the effects of the Latino vote on the 2014 election.

In Defense of DOMA: Why the Court Got Windsor Wrong

The author argues that the concept of same-sex marriage is incoherent and socially untenable. He advances a concept of traditional marriage rooted in evolutionary biology and forming the philosophical basis (among other concepts) for our constitutional rights.

Informal Study: Thousands Access Pornography over ND Network

An informal survey reveals the widespread use of university networks to access pornographic material.