Notre Dame Irish Rover

Town Hall-goers Tackle Tough Topics

The Notre Dame administration answered questions about the Campus Crossroads project and HHS mandate in an undergraduate town hall meeting.

The Pope Francis Challenge

The 2014 Morrissey Forum explored Pope Francis’ challenge to Notre Dame to uphold the Catholic faith through missionary discipleship.

Notre Dame’s Catholicism At A Crossroads

Fr. Miscamble and Fr. Barron discussed the challenges of maintaining a Catholic university in higher education.

Dialoguing on Diversity

“Show Some Skin” portrays students’ stories.

Coulter’s Controversial Campus Visit

Notre Dame College Republicans have invited the controversial Ann Coulter to speak at the Club’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Art Show Explores Faith In Immigration

Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture presents “INMigration: Beyond Borders, A Visual Journey,” artwork inspired by Latino migration.

“To Bring The Gospel To All”

Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella delivers the Keeley Vatican Lecture, “The Role of Church in Contemporary Society”

The Evolution of the Notre Dame Education

Notre Dame solidifies its role as a leading research university and focuses on strategic hiring in scientific disciplines.

An Entrée to Relationship: Olivier Latry and Sacred Music

Oliver Latry performed at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris for a Nanovic Institute event.

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