Notre Dame

Biden Reveals Infrastructure Package

The multi-trillion dollar bill is comprehensive, but faces a difficult path to becoming law

The Religion Section Recommends…

Rover staff writers offer suggestions for summer spiritual reading

The Best Laid Plans of Monks and Men

Vocation, suffering, and the call to total love

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

O Scooter, My Scourge

O you ruinous usurpers of a peaceful day’s stroll. You ravenous circling vultures. You flurry of black vampire bats. You…

Notes From A Linkedin Diary

Entry 1: I know many of you have been following my law school journey with bated breath.  And if you…

Masks and Morals

Evaluating performative morality amidst COVID-19 When the COVID-19 pandemic descended in March 2020, we all met a new friend—the mask….

Bearing Our Crosses in the Easter Season

What Joyce Kilmer Can Teach Notre Dame Students

“Open Wide Our Hearts Week” Brings the Issue of Race to Notre Dame

Organizers and participants explored injustice as an attack on human dignity through a variety of on-campus events

NOVO Like a Champion Today

Irish Rover Course Recommendations for the Fall 2021 semester