Notre Dame

The Dome and the Cross

In GK Chesterton’s allegorical novel The Ball and the Cross, MacIan confronts the socialist journalist Turnbull over a blasphemous statement regarding the Virgin Mary that Turnbull has published in his newspaper, The Atheist.

Sharing the Sun: Raising Energy Awareness in Haiti and at ND

Though the leaves are rapidly changing to red and gold, Notre Dame’s campus was awash in green last week for the 7th annual Energy Week. Hosted by Notre Dame’s Center for Sustainable Energy (cSEND), the week raised awareness of the world’s current energy crisis through various events and talks. Notre Dame’s student organization GreeND organized keynote speakers and presentations that explored the topics of solar energy, energy in transportation and energy research internships for students.

The Color Run Takes South Bend

Luckily, some truly inspired people have found a way to bring novice and expert runners together for one day of fun and exercise. The Color Run is the largest event series in the United States, and last Saturday, the event came to South Bend. Setting it apart from other races, the Color Run features volunteers showering runners with powdered colors at certain increments in the race. By the end of the day, beautiful colors cover the entirety of race participants. A concert and dance party follow shortly after the race, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate health and vitality.

Striking Down More Bad Arguments

To say that the witness of Sacred Scripture lends itself to an affirmation of same sex marriages is to advance an incoherent, confused argument.

Faculty senate approves controversial student senate resolutions

Notre Dame’s faculty senate approves two controversial measures