Danielle Allen Explores “Justice by Means of Democracy”

Harvard political scientist outlines vision for power-sharing liberalism

John Finnis at Notre Dame through the Eyes of a Frequent Visitor

[Editor’s note: Finnis was made Commander of the Order of the British Empire by King Charles III in January.] As…

MacIntyre on Singularities

Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre delivers controversial keynote address at the de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture’s Fall Conference

Privileges of Living on the Frontiers of Knowledge

An introduction to theology and philosophy at Notre Dame

Light and Clouds

John VanBerkum examines the roles of faith and reason in the life of a university student.

A Noble Farewell: Professor Retires After 41 Years

Retiring Professor Thomas F. X. Noble reflects on education and the university

The Defects Of The Core Curriculum Review

Tim Bradley evaluates Notre Dame’s core curriculum review

Free Read of the Week, 4/14

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Confronting Theodicy

The Notre Dame Department of Philosophy presents its second conference to confront the widely debated question: “If God is good and powerful, why does evil exist?”

The Core Curriculum: One Opinion

So it seems to me that the core curriculum is the right sort of thing for the university to reexamine at this time, not because it of its faults but because of its potential … I doubt that much is to be gained in the seemingly low-risk strategy of minimizing our distinctiveness, scaling back the unique features of our curriculum.