Building “Bridges of Discussion”

Katelyn Doering reports on the discussions, debates and conversation between the College Democrats and the College Republicans.

A Nuclear Exchange: Does the World Need the Bomb?

Josh O’Brien reports on the recent debate over nuclear weapons that was planned and organized by Global Zero Notre Dame.

The Civil Rights Movement and Politics Today

Biographer discusses MLK’s legacy, contemporary impact

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch presented the lecture “Myths and Miracles From the King Years” on Tuesday, October 1 at the Law School. The talk was part of the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture’s year-long series, “Africana World.”

Branch began his talk by discussing his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia, calling himself a “white Southerner who grew up in the middle of it all.” His roots inspired him to study the Civil Rights Movement and become a biographer of Martin Luther King, Jr.