James Rahner, '19

Executive Editor

James is a senior studying philosophy. He likes jazz, canon law, and not thinking about the fact that he wrote the words “James Rahner is a senior” in the last sentence.

High Costs of Higher Education

Reflections on the College Admissions Scandal

On Journalism Today

James Rahner gives the editorial, which considers the pitfalls of journalism today.

Health department panel denies South Bend abortion clinic license

An appeals panel voted 2-1 against the licensing of a potential South Bend abortion clinic on November 28th.

The Duty of Remembering

Good news stories should have staying power.

MacIntyre and Modernity

Philosopher speaks on society and modern ethics

A watchdog’s priorities

Complexities of Catholic politics

French New Wave director begins filming ND feature

François François’s latest project to focus on romance at Notre Dame