Encouraging a Culture of Encounter: Ways to address poverty as a college student

Sarah Ortiz reflects on serving the poor as a Notre Dame student

Healing the Body, Healing the Soul

Shaun Evans reflects on a fall break trip to André House in light of the spiritual and corporal works of mercy

The Intersection of Charism and Apostolate

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary…” I was perched on the arm of an empty recliner when I heard those…

The Legacy Of Running The Holy Half

Eleventh annual Holy Half Marathon carries on tradition of community and service

Right Where You Are, Just The Way You Are

Maggie Schmid reflects on her first year at Notre Dame and her summer spent volunteering with the Appalachia Service Project.

Stacey Noem Speaks on Vocation and Family Life

Michael Infantine discusses vocation with Stacey Noem who shares her journey from pre-medical undergraduate to her current position as the Director of Human and Spiritual Formation in the Masters of Divinity Program at Notre Dame.