Monomythical: Stretching Storytelling

Notre Dame student writes and stages a new production exploring the story cycle

Rover Theatre Review: The Tempest

Recent DPAC performance features acrobatic spectacles, unique character portrayals

All the World’s a Stage, but these Players Come to Notre Dame

The Actors from the London Stage have a special relationship with the University of Notre Dame, as the university serves as the American base for the acting group and is even responsible “for booking their tours, their flights, and the whole of their work in the U.S.”

Wanderlust: On The Verge Celebrates Adventure and Imagination

A vibrant cast and crew from Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television and Theater (FTT) bring to life a story of adventure and yearning in the student-run production of Eric Overmyer’s On The Verge, or, The Geography of Yearning.

On The Verge opened on Thursday, October 3 at the Philbin Studio Theatre in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, and after a successful run of shows, promises to delight audiences again the weekend of October 10-13.