Colin Devine, Humor Guru                                                                                                
The first person to spot the pattern and email me wins a small, essentially insignificant prize that I haven’t chosen yet but will probably be piece of fruit from the dining hall; they have really good bananas.


He slipped, they filmed, we conquered: thanks a lot Youtube.

Texting: think, how many movie plots would this ruin?

Gritting his teeth, he entered the hardware store.

Commercials:  Introducing humanity to symphonies since 1955.

The agony, the ecstasy, ice-skating.

Cave art: world’s first mancave.

Recliners, nemesis of couches.

Modern art mystifies.

Phone home—(This section of the Rover is paid for by the parents of the class of 2017.  We mean it—please phone home!)

Mamihlapinatapai: look it up.  It’s worth it.


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