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Forget Batman, These Guys Are True Knights

Colin Devine explains the importance of the Knights of Columbus.

Cheers And Jeers

Colin Devine, humor guru, gives us Cheers and Jeers — a humorous account of things Colin likes and things he doesn’t like.

The Six Word Memoir Brings His Friends

Colin Devine, Humor Guru Extraordinaire, gives his readers something to laugh about… and puzzle over in this weeks edition of the Rover.

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers by Colin Devine, Humour Guru.

Cheers and Jeers

Colin Devine, Humor Guru Cheers To the Starbucks barista who misspelled my name—you have given me Instagram gold. The guy…

Permission to Laugh: Guac Goes Straight to the Thighs

A press release from the University of Notre Dame last Tuesday revealed shocking plans to tear down Notre Dame’s beloved O’Shaughnessy Hall. This project is part of extensive landscaping renovations and will begin after commencement. In so doing, the Notre Dame board of directors hopes to expedite construction on the liberal arts program’s newest flagship program—a zen garden.

Permission to Laugh

Colin Devine, Humor Guru Surveys show that the number one fear of Americans is public speaking. Number two is death….

Cheers and Jeers

Colin Devine, Humor Guru Cheers Overheard at Waddick’s:  The new Notre Dame seating method is like a mullet: Business in…

Finding Neverland

Colin Devine, Staff Writer My mom found the bookmark while she was cleaning my room.  Words can have an amazing…

Who’s Who: Father Jim King, CSC

Colin Devine, Staff Writer “How do you think the pig farmer felt about Jesus?”  Father Jim King, CSC asked this…