The Olympics. Alright, so maybe we’re not always at the top of the medal count and our president doesn’t neglect governing the country to attend all the events, but that doesn’t make the Sochi games any less amazing. I think I may have even seen Vladimir Putin attempt to smile.


Valentine’s Day. The day when all the couples go do something cute and everyone else gets together to complain about it. But who cares? Whether you’re single or not, it’s a free excuse to eat your weight in chocolate and watch as many sappy Netflix movies as possible with absolutely no judgment.


Siegfried Day of Man. You may have noticed that many insane(ly classy) men were running around in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops last Wednesday, collecting money for the homeless of South Bend. I offered $20 bucks to the first one brave enough to make me a snow angel.





#SochiProblems. If you’re feeling jealous of the Olympic athletes, just remember that at least Notre Dame has working toilets and the elevator is actually there when the doors open.


The Notre Dame Bubble. Hold your breath, in case I burst the bubble—Notre Dame is not the only thing in the greater South Bend area. Shocking, I know, considering we have our own zip code. Though we all have a tendency to stay on campus in our own little world, maybe it’s time to give South Bend a chance. (FYI, Fiddy’s beats dining hall food every day of the week.)



Single Awareness Day. Getting flowers from “Your Secret Admirer” and then, hours later, finding out they’re from your parents. That’s okay, I’ll just sit in my dorm room and wait for love to come knocking on the door. And when I open it, I’ll say, “Sorry, my roommate’s not here right now.”


Meadow Jackson is a freshman French major. If you have any witty suggestions, want to donate to her flex point fund (is that a thing?), or wanna build a snowman, please contact her at She will only respond to haikus.