Europe’s spiritual hunger

Archbishop details the Church’s role in the European Project

Headphones On

The Beatles, Revolver: Pushing the Envelope for the Fab Four

Writing with humility

Just a few thoughts for the busy undergrad.

The Lamp on the Lampstand

An exploration of the Institute for Church Life catechism program

Resolving “Gender Issues” at Notre Dame

The recent student body election has brought the issue — or maybe more aptly, the non-issue — of “gender relations” to the forefront on the campus of Notre Dame, but is this really the issue?

Rockne Mountain High

Reflections on the Campus Crossroads project: The institutional impact of the project is being actively marketed as an intersection between football, academics, student life and campus infrastructure; as such, it finds interest with virtually everyone who has ever been associated with Notre Dame.

Notre Dame at a Crossroads: Misplaced Priorities and a Flawed Vision

“This Project must be opposed forcefully. Not only is it poorly conceived and designed, but it damages the true mission of the university.”

The Core Curriculum: One Opinion

So it seems to me that the core curriculum is the right sort of thing for the university to reexamine at this time, not because it of its faults but because of its potential … I doubt that much is to be gained in the seemingly low-risk strategy of minimizing our distinctiveness, scaling back the unique features of our curriculum.

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: John and Lila Ritschard

Meet Lila and John Ritschard—the dinnertime card-swiping, happy-birthday-singing joke-making duo of Notre Dame. While many students recognize them by sight, the story of how they met and wound up at Notre Dame is a bit less obvious.

Welcoming the Stranger in our Midst?

Notre Dame expressed its change in policy towards undocumented students that amplified the conversation about immigration among students and faculty in a statement on August 22, 2013. This change has been met with mixed reviews amongst the student body.