Campus Squirrels. Through rain, snow, and shine, these little guys are always there for us.  They’re like the postal service of campus—always delivering smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts … especially when the freshmen and campus visitors loudly inquire as to just how they got so darn fat.

Thanksgiving Break.  As “thankful” as I am for another opportunity to procrastinate on all my work, get asked (multiple times) if I have a boyfriend yet, and get reminded that my brother was the smart one in the family, Thanksgiving is always a reminder of how blessed we are to have families that care (sometimes too much) and to go to a university that we can call home. Disclaimer: Be careful how often you refer to Notre Dame as “home” in front of your mom.

CHRISTMAS EVERYTHING.  It’s the most wonderful (highly anticipated, advertised, and finally almost here) time of the year!!!  Now that the Macy’s Parade Santa has ushered in the Yuletide season, we have every right to blast Christmas carols, bake cookies, and watch Hallmark movies to our hearts’ content.  What’s that, you say?  There are still three weeks of school left?!  And I thought the Grinch didn’t exist…



A Love Letter.

Dear DART,

I’m afraid this cannot go on.  You are still calling yourself Direct Access Registration by Telephone, and I still leave you feeling like I’m getting nothing out of this relationship (i.e. none of the classes I need to graduate).  I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together, but I learned a lot about myself.  Mostly, that it’s not me.  It’s you.



Crunch Time.  These are the times that try Domers’ souls.  The last week of class before finals’ week: when we buckle down, outrageously over-caffeinate, and come to the realization that we should have figured out what exactly was going on in class at least a month ago.  It is when you find out who your friends really are: who shares their notes with you, lends a shoulder to cry on, or bails you out because you ran out of flex points.  And for some inexplicable reason it is the time when all your professors decide to cram in as much additional information as possible “for your benefit.”

Studying: A Haiku.

Focusing is hard

Last one in the library

Thank God for coffee


Meadow Jackson is a sophomore in Naval ROTC and a lifelong Navy fan.  She is currently undecided with a concentration in conflicted loyalties.  If you think you can convince her who to root for, or if you just have something pithy to say, you can email her at