World Champs. Hey Chicago, what do you say, the Cubs are gonna MAKE HISTORY BY COMING BACK FROM BEING DOWN 3-1 AND GOING TO EXTRA INNINGS AFTER A RAIN DELAY IN GAME 7 TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES. That’s not how the song goes, you say? Too bad. Maybe they should change the lyrics. Party like it’s 1908, y’all.

Daylight Savings. Nothing else this year can hold a candle to the Cubs winning the World Series, but if anything can come close, it’s one whole free hour of sleep.

Snow. It hasn’t happened yet. Count your blessings and keep wearing Birks. You do not know the day nor the hour…


Study Abroad Fever. For those of you jaded juniors counting down the days until you hop off the plane at Heathrow or Charles de Gaulle or wherever you’re going … please, slow down. Colder weather and declining interest in this semester’s classes might have you yearning for overseas adventures, but make sure to soak in the time you have here on campus while you have it. Exploring the world is an incredible gift; so is Notre Dame.

Registering for Classes. Chances are you’ve been forced to go in and talk to an advisor about what classes you should take next semester. While it’s definitely good to get a sense of direction in your major, it’ll all be for naught once registration comes and all your classes are taken before 7 a.m. Thanks, seniors.

Election Day. So that happened. At least it’s over. Until January. Bye.

Lacey Silvestri is a junior studying history and English who loves the Cubs. She also loves the Cubs. In her free time, she loves the Cubs. If you have Cub-related comments, contact her at