Free Read 3/20

Our free read this week is Bored Again Catholic: How the Mass Could Save Your Life (and the World’s Too) by Director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy Timothy P. O’Malley. In this new book, O’Malley offers a series of reflections on the Mass and suggests that the experience of boredom can be a source of fruitfulness and spiritual growth. “Good” boredom, he explains, is an opportunity to enter more deeply into the silence of the ritual and to encounter God there. This book is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to experience the Mass with greater reverence and devotion this Lent.

For a chance to win a free copy of this book, comment on this post or its corresponding Facebook post. We will announce the winner a week from today, on March 27.

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  • Madeline Gillen

    Madeline Bradley

  • Mary Korson

    Mary Korson. I’d love to read this book! I love reading O’Malley’s words on these topics.

  • Stephanie Reuter


  • Tom Schmitt

    Would be a help to me — Hopefully will be on my list in the future —

  • Thomist

    I have been able to attend daily mass during lent. I try to pray daily, but nothing is as fulfilling as receiving the Eucharist at mass. I have no doubt the mass saves lives.