Jonathan Liedl

Friendship and Freedom

Jonathan Liedl reflects on the freeing power of friendship

Conundrums of a Catholic Conservative in the Capitol City

Jonathan Liedl, Managing Editor Emeritus As a young Catholic man, Washington, DC is in many ways the place to be….

Easter Eggs and Marriage Beds: Why Some Things are Worth Waiting For

Jonathan Liedl, Guest Contributor Earlier this month, I was reading the Brainerd Daily Dispatch, the paper of record in my neck…

Conversation regarding women in combat needs to go beyond the physical

Jonathan Liedl, Managing Editor Emeritus To read Liedl’s article on its original web page, Ethika Politika, click here.

Inalienable rights: Just for Americans?

Jonathan Liedl, Managing Editor Emeritus Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These “inalienable rights,” described by our Founders in…

Putting the “Plato” back in “platonic”

Valentine’s Day in America is an occasion that simultaneously disturbs the stomach and befuddles the mind. How the legend of…

Rethinking – and reclaiming – progress

Ask almost anyone, and they’ll tell you that ours is the most progressive of eras. We live longer than we…

There is nothing noble in the middle

Earlier this semester, The Observer’s Ryan Williams penned a vitriolic editorial condemning those who take a definitive stance on abortion….

Cheers and Jeers

JEERS -BIC Disposable Razors Don’t be deceived by the cute little mascot, with his shiny black head and his bright…

Michael Floyd suspended indefinitely following DUI

Star receiver barred from all team activities after second alcohol-related arrest Michael Floyd, Notre Dame’s top receiver of a year…