Sophia Martinson

Lecture Discusses Future of Gitmo

Obama Administration special envoy describes the drawbacks of Guantanamo Bay

Pro-Woman, Pro-What?

Sophia Buono argues that being pro-women includes defending freedom, respect, and dignity for mothers alongside their children

Moving Forward After the Election

The Rover offers a faculty forum regarding Donald Trump’s victory and conservatism

The Search for True Dialogue

Sophia Buono reflects upon the important of dialogue in the pursuit of truth

“Half a Millennium of Catholic Imagination”

Elizabeth Lev discusses history of Vatican museums

The Real Price of Porn

WRAP Week panel discusses economic, social, and spiritual implications of pornography

The Catholic Ideal and Action: A United Mission

Sophia Buono discusses the challenge of integrating Notre Dame’s Catholic mission into all aspects of Notre Dame.

Archdiocese of Washington Fights Assisted Suicide Bill

Mary Forr shares Department of Life Issue’s plan of action