Although the outcome of the 2016 presidential election has brought the time of candidate debates, campaign speeches, and voter discernment to an end, it remains a prominent and controversial topic. Across the nation, as well as here on Notre Dame’s campus, various responses have arisen in the form of protest, prayer, discussion, and questioning. In this final issue of the semester, the Rover gives special attention to the reactions to the election results, particularly through this faculty forum.

The Rover contacted several Notre Dame professors, including faculty advisors and all faculty members listed on the Notre Dame News page “Experts: 2016 Presidential Election.” All of those contacted were presented with the following question: To what extent was Donald Trump’s victory a win for the conservative movement? What should our outlook be moving forward? In posing this question, the Rover strove to garner multiple perspectives from a mixture of political stances in order to present a comprehensive discussion.

[avatar user=”Gerard V. Bradley” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” link=”” target=”_blank”]Trump And The Conservative Movement[/avatar]

[avatar user=”lhollis” size=”thumbnail” align=”center link=”” target=”_blank”]An Opportunity For Humility[/avatar]

[avatar user=”Michael Zuckert” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” link=”” target=”_blank”]Comments On Trump’s Victory[/avatar]

[avatar user=”Michael C. Desch” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” link=”” target=”_blank”]Victory Is Not Vindication[/avatar]

[avatar user=”Walter Nicgorski” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” link=”” target=”_blank”]Education Towards Consensus[/avatar]

[avatar user=”Daniel Philpott” size=”thumbnail” align=”center” link=”…r-me-for-america/” target=”_blank”]Religious Freedom: For Thee, For Me, For America[/avatar]