Faculty Column

The Notre Dame Option?

Patrick Deneen discusses the Benedict Option in the context of a Catholic university

Are Engineering and Technology Good For Humankind?

Professor Peter Kilpatrick discusses integrating engineering in the Catholic faith

Fr. Martin’s Bridge: Welcome But in Need of Repair

Prof. Philpott discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Fr. James Martin’s controversial new book

The Beauty of Mary and the Ugliness of Sin

Fr. Terrence Ehrman reflects on beauty, sin, and the Nativity of Mary

Truth: RIP?

Professor Gerald Bradley discusses the “death” of truth

Education for Freedom

Professor Felicitas Munzel exhorts readers about the importance of being good stewards of freedom in educational institutions

Michael Novak, Holy Cross, and Notre Dame

Fr. Bill Miscamble remembers the late Catholic theologian and author Michael Novak

The Awesome Virtues

Professor Walter Nicgorski explores what virtue is as well as its major types

Comments On Trump’s Victory

The Rover editors have posed the question: ‘to what extent was Donald Trump’s victory a win for the conservative movement?”…

An Opportunity For Humility

The election of Donald Trump can be seen not so much as an endorsement of Trump himself as it is…