Pillar of Thought

Right Where You Are, Just The Way You Are

Maggie Schmid reflects on her first year at Notre Dame and her summer spent volunteering with the Appalachia Service Project.

Wrapping Paper

John VanBerkum gives a thoughtful and insightful reflection on living a virtuous life and its analogous relationship to wrapping paper.

Why I (a Muslim girl) Study Catholic Theology

Liyana Syahirah Muhamad Yusof tells her story of how she, a Muslim girl, came to study Catholic theology at Notre Dame.

Pillar of Thought: So you Think You’re Sociable

You know many, many people. You greet them as you cross the quad, stay up late chatting and are in constant communication through Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. You keep up with your high school friends back home, and here at Notre Dame you make sure to spend enough time with teammates, roommates and classmates.