Pillar of Thought

An Irish Blessing: Catholicism at Notre Dame

As a foreigner, one of the first things you notice when you visit the Notre Dame campus is the huge…

“Let This Be My Life’s Mission”

Senior Marco Cerritelli discusses the importance of vocation when choosing a career.

Why Not You?

Christina Serena discusses her vocation.

Bad (Christian) Art

Michael Infantine explains how less beautiful forms of Christian art undermine the message of Christianity.

C.S. Lewis, Reepicheep And The Christian Life

Michael Infantine discusses Reepicheep and the vocational call.

A Man Of Heroic Fidelity

Prelate bishop of Opus Dei, Alvaro del Portillo, will be beatified this fall.

Confessions of a(n Accidental) Club President

Tim Kirchoff reflects on his various leadership roles throughout his time at Notre Dame, including his time as president of Rodzinka and as Deputy Grand Knight.

The Résumé Generation

In a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion and tolerance, why can we not celebrate the complexity of the human person instead of slapping labels on ourselves and each other?

You Call Yourself a Christian?

As part of the Irish Rover’s continuing Pillar of Thought column, this issue’s focus is a reflection on a service trip to the Andre House of Hospitality in Phoenix.

Settling for Less

Lyssa Mall reflects on the damaging effects of sexual impurity on authentic love and calls for women to seek a higher love.