Pillar of Thought

The Cynical Silver Screen

The increasingly jaded viewpoint of TV politics

More Than Beasts Yet Less Than Gods

Pursuing a Secular Defense for Human Dignity

Empowerment, not protest

Teresa Kaza reflects on the contrast between the March for Life and the Women’s March

To That Lovely Lady

A thoughtful reflection on Our Blessed Mother


Emily Hirshorn reflects on the balance of providence and planning

Sin and mercy: A call to compunction

Julia McKeon discusses mercy and sorrow as inspired by the signs and sacraments of the Church

On Drinking at Notre Dame

James Rahner reflects on the contradictions of campus drinking culture

When Reason Lags Behind

Poetic reflections on faith and reason

The Summit, Flattened

Matthew Gambetta reflects on the state of the Liturgy and how to recover its sense of sacredness