Who’s Who

Who’s Who: Pete Hlabse

This edition’s who’s who feature: Pete Hlabse.

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Joanie May

Getting to know a familiar face at Geddes Hall

Who’s Who: The Dynamic Duo of Laneese and Sherri

Tierney Vrdolyak shares her experience with the dynamic duo of North Dining Hall’s Grab ‘n Go

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Andrew McShane

Getting to know the director of the Liturgical Choir and the Basilica Schola

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Brett Perkins

The Rover gets to know one of Notre Dame’s most beloved figures

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Greg White   

The Rover sits down with the administrative assistant for the Center for Social Concerns seminars

Notre Dame Law Library - Image Taken by Michael Fernandes
Who’s Who: Gloria Krull

The Rover learns more about behind-the-scenes people who make up the Notre Dame community

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Jennifer Smith

An interview with Jen Smith of the Tocqueville Program

Who’s Who At Notre Dame: Jeff Walker

An interview with RecSports leading gent Jeff Walker

Who’s Who At Notre Dame: Bill Nicks

An interview with music instructor and local drumming legend Billy “Stix” Nicks