I4RH Touts “Ordinary Abortion” on Campus

Planned Parenthood council member delivers pro-choice perspective

Reframing Abortion Apologetics

Why pro-life beliefs depend on the sanctity of human life

Learning from Innocence

Professor of Economics Kirk Doran advises about the challenges and joys of raising a family

And We Danced All Night To The Best Song Ever

While fighting the terrifying issue of abortion is an important part of being pro-life, the movement espouses a much broader message: to honor the simple beauty and importance of all human life as a gift from God.

The Power of Prayer

As part of the Irish Rover’s continuing Right to Life column, this issue’s focus is the Spirituality Commission of Notre Dame Right to Life.

How Greek is Notre Dame?

Caroline Corsones compares the Notre Dame residential hall system to Greek life on other campuses in interviews with a number of students and rectors.

Right to Life: Project Mom

Jana Zuniga reports on Project Mom, a Right to Life initiative that plans, hosts and sponsors baby showers for local mothers with high risk pregnancies.

Why We March

Liz Everett reports on a survey that queried students on their motivations for attending, or not attending, the March for Life.

March For Life: Be A Witness

Andrew Lynch discusses the trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life.

New Name, Same Office?

Kate Hardiman explains the recent switch from the Office of Residential Life to the Office of Community Standards and the new policies, which emphasize consistency in process over consistency in outcomes, and allow for rectors to handle incidents with more discernment.