Notre Dame

DART Like A Champion Today

The Rover staff recommends professors and classes for Fall 2014.

Feminism, Law And Religion: My “At Bat”

Abigail Bartels reflects on her first experience speaking at an academic conference and what really matters in controversial discussions.

Elizabeth Bennet Needed Glasses. Jane Austen Just Forgot To Mention It.

Clara Minieri compares the portrayal of female protagonists in Victorian and contemporary literature.

Free Read of the Week, 3/31

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Who Is Missing From The Table?

Kaitlyn Kennedy discusses the fact that people convicted of drug-related crimes cannot receive food stamps.

The Church As Counter-culture

Patrick Deneen tells modern Catholics what must be done in the face of today’s society.

Irish Men’s Golf Looking To Perfect Its Swing

Jake Kildoo interviews Irish Men’s Golf head coach Jim Kubinski about the spring season.

Football Makes Big Offseason Coaching Changes

The 2013 football offseason saw major changes occurring in Notre Dame’s coaching staff.

Curvaceously Confusing

Dylan Stevenson discusses grade curving at Notre Dame.

Confronting Theodicy

The Notre Dame Department of Philosophy presents its second conference to confront the widely debated question: “If God is good and powerful, why does evil exist?”