Notre Dame

Questionable Decisions: A Catholic University?

John VanBerkum investigates Notre Dame’s recent decisions in light of its mission as a Catholic university.

Campus Crossroads Presses Forward

Editor in Chief Lilia Draime gives an update about the controversial Campus Crossroads Project.

Classroom And Community: An Interview With Nicole Garnett And Margaret Brinig

Executive Editor Tim Bradley interviews Notre Dame Law Professors about the effect of Catholic school closures in urban neighborhoods.

Notre Dame and the HHS Mandate

Tim Bradley gives an update on the status of Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Common Core Strikes Back

While Indiana has repealed the Common Core Standards, many critics believe the new standards are too similar to Common Core.

“You Can’t Win If You Don’t Fight”

Managing Editor Alexandra DeSanctis conducted an interview with Senator Rick Santorum prior to his campus visit.

Wolverine Assault Leaves Scars

Humor Guru Declan Feeley gives his take on the aftermath of the Michigan game.

Cheers and Jeers

Humor apprentice Meadow Jackson has some clever cheers and jeers.

More Than Just Your Average Game

Alicia Czarnecki explains the history and traditions of the annual Shamrock Series.

Beginning Of Notre Dame Football Promises Exciting Season

John McMackin examines the upcoming football season.