Notre Dame

You Don’t Have To Meet Your Husband At Domerfest

Caroline Corsones discusses the recent changes to Notre Dame’s freshman orientation.

Mary’s School And The School’s Marys

Abby Bartels reports on the first “Saturdays with the Saints” lecture about the depiction of Mary in the artwork at Notre Dame.

Bad (Christian) Art

Michael Infantine explains how less beautiful forms of Christian art undermine the message of Christianity.

Notre Dame RTL Fosters Culture of Life

Notre Dame Right to Life President Rachel Drumm expounds on the mission of the club.

The Children Need A Club That’s Just About Them

Robert Oscar Lopez discusses the necessity of SCOP on Notre Dame’s campus

An Open Letter to Rev. John Jenkins

Dr. John Lyon wrote a letter to several officials regarding several issues faced in today’s society—abortion, family structure and the HHS mandate.

Physical Education Or Political Correctness?

Is Notre Dame changing “PE” to “PC”?

Following The Leader

Lilia Draime’s inaugural editorial as EIC.

No More Physical Education?

Notre Dame abolishes the physical education program in favor of a mandatory First Year Experience.

Pope John Paul II: “Be Not Afraid!”

Professor Reimers explores St. Pope John Paul II’s exhortation to “Be not afraid!” on his canonization.