Pillar of Thought


Emily Hirshorn reflects on the balance of providence and planning

Sin and mercy: A call to compunction

Julia McKeon discusses mercy and sorrow as inspired by the signs and sacraments of the Church

On Drinking at Notre Dame

James Rahner reflects on the contradictions of campus drinking culture

When Reason Lags Behind

Poetic reflections on faith and reason

Ordinary Grace

Nicole O’Leary discusses sacramental graces and sainthood

Reflecting on the Right to Life

Grace Enright discusses Ireland’s constitution and the right to life

Striving for Sainthood

Emily Hirshorn reflects on the call to sainthood

On Graduation

Kate Hardiman discusses the charge to do good and to do well

The Loving Gaze

Carolyn Ebner describes the importance of a look

Joy Despite the Thorns

Sarah Ortiz shares thoughts about lessons from teaching during the summer