War and the Peace the World Cannot Give

Michael Bradley tells the story of Charles V. Ednie, Catholic and veteran

Smells and Bells vs. The World

High Church Liturgy as Antidote to Modern Ills

Headphones On and Look Up, Child

Lauren Daigle brings the same soul and a slightly new sound to her latest album

Students embark on annual March for Life Pilgrimage

Community members march on, backed by science

History Department takes candidates for a test drive

Seeks new Military History Professor for Fall Semester Over the last two weeks, three prospective professors have delivered guest lectures…

I stand with Father Jenkins

Student defends University’s decision to cover controversial Columbus murals.

Writing with humility

Just a few thoughts for the busy undergrad.

Physical Education Or Political Correctness?

Is Notre Dame changing “PE” to “PC”?

Free Read of the Week, May 2

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Free Read of the Week, 4/21

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