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Free Read of the Week 3/17

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Looking Out For Our Special Friends

The Special Friends Club recently hosted its fifth annual autism conference on Wednesday February 19, featuring Dr. Julie Taylor of Vanderbilt University

Free Read of the Week 2/24

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Gary Gutting Should Rethink Abortion

Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting, not Pope Francis, should rethink abortion.

The Truth About Gossip

What role does gossip play in the lives of Notre Dame students?

Ben Bernanke: Zero or Hero?

Notre Dame economists weigh in on the successes and failures of Ben Bernanke and how the former Federal Reserve Chairman will be remembered.

Ten Reasons Why I Loved This Year’s Edith Stein Project

The ninth annual Edith Stein Project was a resounding success. Here are ten reasons why.

The Greying Dome

A current student and rape survivor gives her perspective of Notre Dame’s “One Is Too Many” campaign.

Remembering Maureen O’Hara

Notre Dame alumnus Tom Cagley Sr. (’56) recalls a surreal trip to Ireland, where he met and befriended the actress of his childhood dreams.

New Year, New Appreciation

“Nothing should ever make you lose the all-encompassing sense of pride and love for Notre Dame—sometimes all we need is a little reminder.”