I am happy to announce our second Irish Rover Free Read: The Silence of St. Thomas, by Josef Pieper.

This accessible collection of three lucid essays, first published together in 1999 by St. Augustine’s Press, is a beautiful introduction to the life and thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. A slender 112 pages, it is a must-read for academic- and casual-minded readers alike.

From the book’s excerpt:

“Emphasis has been placed not so much on the positive attainments of philosophical thought, but rather on a no less important aspect: namely, that man, in his philosophical inquiry, is faced again and again with the experience that reality is unfathomable and Being is mystery—an experience, it is true, which urges him not so much to communication as to silence.

But it would not be the silence of resignation, and still less of despair. It would be the silence of reverence.”

The Rover is grateful to Bruce Fingerhut and St. Augustine’s Press for sponsoring this week’s Free Read.

So, leave a comment on this post, and on the corresponding Facebook notice as well, which Lilia has bookmarked at the very top of our page. You could be our next Free Reads winner.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to inaugurate or deepen your interest in one of the Church’s greatest saints, as discussed by one of her greatest twentieth century thinkers.

Finally, a note of congratulations to our own Liz Everett, winner of our first Free Read, Brideshead Revisited!

Enjoy the weekend,